Rob's photography has been formed by his 2 main passions, music and sport.

Rob moved down to London to start his assisting career, deciding to pursue photography after trying it as an add-on to his degree.
In addition to the skills and experience he was gaining in the studio, the dance music scene of the early 2000's provided an early creative outlet. He would take every opportunity to document the house and techno nights that his friends were putting on in London, Birmingham and Ibiza. It was on the dancefloor, always being drawn to the energy of the crowd, his community, that he started to focus on emotion and movement.

Rob decided to use the knowledge and experience from a lifetime of playing sports to make sports photography his main focus once he had finished assisting. He found the subject contained the same set of characteristics that had beguiled him in the clubs and parties and so set about investigating the human body's infinite possible shapes, forms and configurations, found within the sporting realm.

Rob plays an active role with the grassroot sport community. He is a player/coach at his local cricket club in the Middlesex League as well as coaching for Capital Kids Cricket, a charity providing cricket for primary schools in London. Thus, many of the themes he investigates in his work, he encounters on a day to day basis; community, place, identity, play and performance. Rob is currently working on his first book, centered around Brazil's vibrant sporting culture.

Publications include Soccer Bible, Jocks & Nerds, Uno-Due and NPLH. Rob produced a solo show in Portland, Oregon (based around the city's football scene) amateur sport in London/NYC for Nike and shooting hometown club Aston Villa's team kit.

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